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Alliance DVD Review for English Practice – “The Sixth Sense”

Title: The Sixth Sense
Japanese Title (タイトル): シックス・センス
Year(製作年): 1999
Director (監督): M. Night Shyamalan

Main characters and actors:
Character name (actor name)
Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis ブルース・ウィリス)
Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment ハーレイ・ジョエル・オスメント)
Lynn Sear (Toni Collette トニ・コレット)

Is the story good?
Yes, it is a good movie. It has a very interesting plot twist, and it is fun to watch again after you know the ending. I also like to watch interviews of the director and the cast. They give information about the making of the movie, and I can understand the movie more deeply.

The movie is about a young boy named Cole. He has a special ability.  He can see dead people.  That is his sixth sense (of course he has the other five senses – vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch).  This sixth sense is very scary for him, and it causes problems for Cole.  His mother does not know what the problem is, and it gives her stress.  Dr. Crowe tries to help Cole with this ability.

Is the movie good for English practice?
For English practice, I think that this movie is okay, but not great.

There are not many characters. The main conversations are between Dr. Crowe and Cole. Cole usually speaks clearly, so he is good to listen to, but sometimes the characters speak softly, so it is difficult to catch all of their words.

sense        感覚
plot twist プロット・ツイスト
ability      能力