Alliance英会話ロゴ Alliance英会話ロゴ

Alliance Doughnut and Gelato Night

In June we had another Alliance Eikaiwa in-school event. This time, it was the English-only Doughnut and Gelato Night in the Moriguchi school.

The doughnuts and gelato were from local small businesses.
I bought six kinds of doughnuts at Le Sourire, in the Senbayashi shopping arcade. They were made from rice flour, so they were gluten-free doughnuts.  I bought five kinds of gelato at Kanon gelato shop. This shop is near the Moriguchi school.

Everyone enjoyed the food, and we also enjoyed meeting and talking with each other.  Now the next challenge is planning a bigger event in the future.

I often visit these shops, so please support these local businesses too.

  • Le Sourire (ル スリール)
    Osaka-shi, Asahi-ku, Morishoji 2 – 8 – 14
  • Kanon (カノン)
    Osaka-fu, Moriguchi-shi, Sakura-machi 4 – 1

shopping arcade 商店街
rice flour 米粉
gluten-free グルテンフリー
gelato ジェラート