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Alliance DVD Review for English Practice – “A River Runs Through It”

Title: A River Runs Through It
Japanese Title (タイトル): リバー・ランズ・スルー・イット
Year(製作年): 1992
Director (監督): Robert Redford

Main characters and actors:
Character name (actor name)
Norman Maclean (Craig Sheffer クレイグ・シェイファー)
Paul Maclean (Brad Pitt ブラッド・ピット)
Reverend Maclean (Tom Skerritt トム・スケリット )
Jessie Burns (Emily Lloyd エミリー・ロイド)

Is the story good?
Yes, it is a good movie. It is not exciting or filled with action, but it is a good drama.

The movie is based on a story written by Norman Maclean. It is a story about a family. Unfortunately, some family stories are not happy.

Maclean wrote about his relationship with his younger brother Paul. Their father was a serious, religious man, and together they often went fly fishing. The two brothers were very different. Norman was serious, and he became a teacher. Paul was handsome, talented, charming, and friendly, but he could not find happiness. Instead, he found problems.

The movie was set in the countryside, in Montana, so there were scenes of Montana’s nature. It showed people’s lifestyles in the 1910’s and 1920’s. The vehicles on the roads town changed from wagons with horses to cars. But the river, and the fish, did not change. The scenery is peaceful, and the movie is not fast-paced, to match the countryside setting.

Is the movie good for English practice?
For English practice, I think that this movie is good.

There are not many characters. The main conversations involve the brothers and their father. They speak clearly, and not too fast.

Also, Robert Redford is the narrator, saying Norman Maclean’s words as an older man, and he is easy to listen to. When he talks about his life in Montana, it is clear and good listening practice. The last part of the movie, though, has some poetic English, and that part is not easy to understand.

unfortunately 残念ながら
religious 宗教的
fly fishing フライ・フィッシング
instead その代わり
vehicles 乗り物
poetic 詩的な