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Alliance DVD Review for English Practice – “The Bodyguard”

Title: The Bodyguard
Japanese Title (タイトル): ボディガード
Year(製作年): 1992
Director (監督): Mick Jackson

Main characters and actors:
Character name (actor name)
Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner ケビン・コスナー)
Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston ホイットニー・ヒューストン)

Is the story good?
Well, it is OK. It is not a classic movie, but it is entertaining.

Former secret service agent Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner) became a private bodyguard. He got a job to protect pop singer Rachel Marron (Whitney Houston) from a stalker.

It is an interesting mix. There is some action, a lot of drama, some romance, and a lot of music.

Is the movie good for English practice?
For English practice, I think that this movie is good.

I do not really like Kevin Costner as an actor. His character spoke in a monotone. But that is good for English practice. I think he is easy for students to understand. Whitney Houston’s character spoke quickly sometimes, but some of her shorter sentences were not difficult.

The movie’s music is good. The soundtrack is the most popular soundtrack of all time. So you can listen to the songs and focus on the lyrics. That is another way to improve your English listening, and if you sing in English too, that will be even better. The mix of conversations and music you can listen to and use will make English learning more enjoyable.

former 元
stalker ストーカー
monotone モノトーン
even ~ さらに~
enjoyable 楽しい