Alliance英会話ロゴ Alliance英会話ロゴ

Hawaiian Snack Night at Alliance Eikaiwa

Last week we had Hawaiian Snack Night.

Hawaiian Snack Night was Alliance Eikaiwa’s first in-school event.  We had Hawaiian snacks, fruit juice, and we used some Hawaiian words.  I explained some basic Hawaiian sounds and words, and I gave the students a Hawaiian word quiz.

Alliance Eikaiwa is a man-to-man school, so students do not study together.  At this event, students could meet each other for the first time.

Other people brought things too.  Some students brought food, and another student bought some drinks.  My friend also brought some non-Hawaiian sweets. She brought baum kuchen. By the way, “baum kuchen” is a German word. “Baum” means “tree,” and “kuchen” means “cake.”

So the event was called Hawaiian Snack Night, but it was an international night.  Everyone enjoyed it, and I am looking forward to our next in-school event.

Our next event will be in the summer, and I hope everyone can come again too.


for the first time 初めて
baum kuchen バウムクーヘン
German ドイツ語
international 国際的な
to look forward to 楽しみにする