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Christmas in Hawaii

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December 2018

Next week Tuesday is Christmas Day.

I am from Hawaii.  My hometown is Honolulu.  But my family moved to Hawaii from Japan many years ago.  I am a Japanese-American.  So for me, Christmas was a mix of American and Japanese things.

Christmas dinner:  ham and…  some Japanese food.  My mother made norimaki sushi.  Also, my grandmother made cucumber namasu.  We did NOT eat chicken.

Christmas in Hawaii is different from Christmas in some other American states.  Of course, in Honolulu we did not have a white Christmas.  It was warm, and we could go outside.  Sometimes we played outside, sometimes we had a barbecue outside.  And in Hawaii, Santa Claus comes on a canoe or a surfboard!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

hometown:  故郷
cucumber: きゅうり
of course:  もちろん
canoe:  カヌー